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I’ll be posting a combination of recipes that cater to special diets that accommodate common dietary restrictions as well as recipes that don’t factor for allergies or ethical preferences. My former blog, Popular Paleo, was dedicated to squeaky clean Paleo recipes.

The Colacino Kitchen is for everyone.

My new blog branches out into everything else–vegetarian, vegan, and recipes that have no limitations at all. I’m having a ton of fun in the kitchen learning new methods, experimenting with flavor combinations, and enjoying food freedom!

I love to hear how it went.

Definitely circle back to the post and leave a comment to share how you modified something or what you served it alongside! It’ll help inspire other readers who are looking to plan their meals for the week or put together menus for a particular occasion.

And in the meantime…


The Frugal Paleo Cookbook 2 by Ciarra Colacino
Releasing July 20!

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Scratch-Cooking, Simplified.

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