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I’m Ciarra Colacino.

I’m a recipe writer, a cookbook collector, and one of the few who prefers to eat their spaghetti with chopsticks.

I began blogging in 2012 for Popular Paleo, a blog dedicated to squeaky clean Paleo recipes. Since then I’ve decided to expand into The Colacino Kitchen where I can cook for everyone, including vegan, vegetarian, and recipes with zero restrictions.

Paleo was my life for a time, but I’m ready to cook food inspired by what I grew up eating.

Raised in a Chinese-Italian household, there’s so much more going on in my kitchen than cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash–though, I totally stand by my method for roasted spaghetti squash. The Colacino Kitchen is a celebration of great food–some sentimental, some healthy, some indulgent.

Would you like to work together?

I collaborate on food-related projects, speak on the subjects of Paleo, diet dogma, and body image. I offer tips to manage grocery budgets, meal planning strategies, and how to find balance in the chaos. I endorse products that improve the experience of home cooks and food lovers, regardless of skill or dietary preference. Can I share yours? Send me a message below and we’ll work out the details.

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NOTE: My Instagram account, @colacinokitchen, was hacked on Sunday, August 28th. The thief is actively scamming followers by offering money via Direct Message. THIS IS NOT ME. Please do not engage this person and please do not share any of your private account information. I am trying to recover my account, but it is not looking good… I fear that ten years’ worth of work to bring you recipe-focused content for Paleo and otherwise is going down the drain.

On a personal note, I find it remarkable that a business account on Instagram — something many regard as vital to any business and especially for a web-based business sharing free recipes with good people — can be this vulnerable. If you have a moment to report the hacked account and, if you are the recipient of scam messages from the thief, report the scam attempt, I would be grateful.

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The Frugal Paleo Cookbook by Ciarra Hannah (Colacino) | c 2014

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